All about this blog

December 4, 2006

Many of my friends asked me about six sigma, about the different belts in six sigma and how can they achieve it. I complete understand why everyone is running more after certification then learning as most of the organization give you a good break based on the certification and knowledge.

I am a strong advocate of getting the basics right else, it will not help you. If you know the basic, beileve me you will be much more confident and logical in your judgement. To help anyone who wish to understand the basic of process improvement, i have started this blog. I will not say that I know everything, but would like to share whatever I know and by sharing only I can learn more.

In due course I will also cover what all you need to do to get Green Belt and Black Belt and what kind of projects you should choose at what stage.

Do write comments and Questions, I will try to answer them and I if I dont know about that we will work together to find the answer.



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