What is a Process?

December 4, 2006

If you search internet, you will get many definitions..the one which i felt sums them all is from wikipedia..

“Process (lat. processus – movement) is a naturally occurring or designed sequence of operations or events, possibly taking up time, space, expertise or other resource, which produces some outcome. A process may be identified by the changes it creates in the properties of one or more objects under its influence”

If we talk of basics, process is a series of activities that takes an input, adds value to it and produces an output for a customer

So as a Quality professional you should always look for Input, Value addition/subtration & Output in any activity. 

Ohh no!..here one more term popped up and we all think we know it but thats only superficial knowledge, let’s discuss this term in the next post or click here QUALITY 


2 Responses to “What is a Process?”

  1. Rajat Gogia Says:

    I am a Quality professional but not a very literate one so in a layman’s term, Quality for me is : “Providing the Best possible service or product, at a minimum possible cost and in the fast possible time”

    Best possible product or service depends upon what the customer wants – If i offer a Mercedes Benz (as a personal Transport solution) to a customer who is looking for Maruti 800 – will you term it as a Quality Service?


  2. nisheeth Says:

    You are right, technically if you meet customer accepted requirements in cost effective manner, you are serving Quality service or product. I will cover more on this in the post “What is Quality?”

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