What is Quality?

December 4, 2006

We use the word ‘Quality’ very often, like Quality of service is not good, the shirt is of bad quality, quality of governance is going down, you need to improve the quality of food…and many more like this, but have we ever thought of this word Quality what do we mean by it..as per me “Quality is a comparison of the output and the  perceived expectation” if someone exceeds your expectation, you say Quality is good and even a good product if dont meet your expectation is of bad quality hence for a product service, there are some who will say quality is good and some will say its bad depending on their expectation level.

ASQ refers to quality as a “collection of powerful tools and concepts that are proven to increase customer satisfaction, reduce cycle time and costs, and eliminate errors and rework. ” but i would like to add here that who measure the satisfaction, reduction, elimination in the above definition, it is customer. So to meet Quality level either you have to build the product as per customer expectation or set the right expectation.

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2 Responses to “What is Quality?”

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  2. Juran defines Quality as “Quality is fitness for use.”

    Critics ask, “Is poison fit for use?”

    Crosby says, “Quality is the conformance to customer requirements”

    So, What is Quality? Is Quality Customer Satisfaction? or Customer happiness?

    Customer Satisfaction is achieved by fulfilling all the requirements of the customer as intended.

    Mathematically, achieving (or trying) “Zero Defects”. In a laymans lnaguage, if you get the desirable result without any negatives/ unwanted, you achieve Quality, i.e. Customer Satisfaction!
    This is Negative Quality, which is based on reemoving/ eliminating the defects and achive the requirements.

    If we achieve Quality with Customer Satisfaction, then should be go for Customer Delight! 🙂

    What is customer Delight? It is of course beyond the customer satifaction. Customer Delight is achieved by giving customer a Value Add. This is also referred as Positive Quality, where you give a value-add to the customer and exceed customer expectations.

    Mannu Thareja

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